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The Miracle Worker

Writer-Director, VFX


A surrealist satire about Sydney, a disillusioned federal civil servant, who struggles with her conscience when she is assigned the task of staging a fake miracle.

For more information, visit:

Ardkore Mega Expansion

Production Designer

Music video for 'Ardkore Mega Expansion', from Sig Nu Gris' new album Threshold

Friends Erin (Sig Nu Gris) and Paul (Paul Burns) come together with an expressive offering, directed by Burns through inspiration of Sig Nu Gris’ song 'Ardkore Mega Expansion'. The video is an intimate collision of both creators’ emotional landscapes – speaking to each other in similar ways through reflection on hard times, explosive feelings and disorientating movement through life. 

Selected as the ‘Wild One’ feature on ABC’s RAGE in August 2022.


Night Sounds

Writer-Director, Photography, Sound

At night, the house comes to life. 

A still-image short film produced as an exercise in sound design. 

Blue Man Goes to Berlinale

Writer-Director, Photography, Sound

Blue Man, tired of the monotony of museum life, decides to escape to the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival, only to find the experience more intense than he might have expected... 

An iPhone short film shot on-location in Munich and Berlin, Germany, in February 2020. 

Tea Party


Living alone in the forest, Cookie, an imaginative little girl, must use her creativity to make

and maintain friends, dead or alive.

Short film shot on 16mm film. 

Selected for: 

Peninsula Film Festival 2021 - 3rd Place prize for Best Film

Byron Bay Underground Film Festival 2021 - Selected

Melbourne Setting Sun Film Festival 2021 - Selected

Geelong International Film Festival 2021 - Selected

Student Los Angeles Film Awards 2022 - Finalist

Caméra-Stylo, Kino-Eye

Writer-Director, Photography, Sound

An experimental iPhone short film about two film theorists - Dviga Vertov and Alexandre Astruc - and their views on cinema as a means of artistic expression. 

Selected for:

Mobile Innovation Network and Association (MINA) Film Festival 2018

Flour Sack vs. Oven

Concept, Animation

A short animation exercise about a sack of flour that does not want to be baked into a loaf of bread. 

Paths of Oblivion

Editor, Sound, VR Programmer

A cyborg decides to escape from its laboratory - but what it does next is up to you. 

An experiment with interactive narrative filmmaking, shot in Virtual Reality and powered by the Wonda VR app. 

Experience Paths of Oblivion here:

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